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I recently got started on Pintrest.  Honestly, I really enjoy it because it saves me from having an overcrowded bookmark folder since I have always done “..aaaand bookmark” when I found something I liked/was interested in.  During my Pintrest endeavors I have learned a few things (all somewhat related to food, so it counts for this blog!):

(1) I am the only person on the planet that does not know how to take professional looking pictures

I mean seriously.  Do people not take bad pictures of food/DIY items/household items/their hair/their clothes?  It seems like almost every picture people find has the perfect shutter speed (that’s a thing, right?), lighting, and overall “wow” factor.  I’m lucky if the flash works properly so you get an actual picture and not a big white blob.  For once, I’d like someone to take one of those oh-so-unappealing pictures and say “this looks delicious.”  I bet it wouldn’t even get 1 re-pin.  I guess there’s something about having the perfect picture; people are only able to think “this looks delicious” when they see the image of it.   This also leads me to a new plan.  Any disgusting recipe I accidentally make I’m going to take a pro-level picture of it and make it look great.  That’ll show people who know how to take pictures!  I’ll start a new trend to make my style of photography (which focuses on making sure a picture is actually taken) starts to be the norm.  Because seriously people! I can’t afford one of those fancy-shmancy cameras.

(2) I’m not nearly creative enough

Sometimes I think I’m being so creative.  Look at me!  I can combine different recipes and things to make something edible!   I thought one of the most inventive things I ever came up with were these won-ton tacos.  Lo and behold, a recently pinned item are these tac0 cups.  So much for being inventive. Some of the stuff that people come up with just blows my mind.  I found red wine lollipops that I pinned.  I was AMAZED someone was smart enough to come up with it (and I patted myself on the back for finding it).   Apparently, a lot of people agreed with me since a lot of people re-pinned it. And don’t even get me started on the sewing crafts.  Man, just makes me feel more and more inferior. Last week I tried to sew on a button onto my wool jacket.  My mother took one look at it, laughed at me with her eyes, and went on to do it herself.  Thank you Pintrest, for increasing my own feelings of inadequacy.

(3) People sure know how to make it look easy.

Oh you want to do a fishtail braid?! Here you go, here’s a tutorial that only an idiot wouldn’t able to replicate.  Well I’m that idiot.  Seriously, how do you people get hair to do that?!  I think this goes for all these recipes you see on Pintrest too.  Oh look! Here’s a recipe for a baked Alaska and Beef Wellington!  Perfect Valentine’s recipe combination!  What these pins fail to tell you is that you will fail if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And you will fail spectacularly.  From my experiences, learning how to cook was a multi-stage process.  First, you find a recipe you want to make.  You fail spectacularly your first time.  You try same recipe again.  You fail less.  Cooking is about learning how to fail less often and less spectacularly.  As a side note, I believe my “fail” recipe was spaghetti.  I had no idea I was making it wrong until B, who grew up with real Italian food, pointed it out to me.  Apparently, it’s a sin to eat sauce out of a jar (who knew?) and pasta isn’t supposed to be slightly crunchy. *cue music*  The more you know.

*End Pintrest rant*

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